Montmorency Secondary College’s SRC Conference; three fun days at the end of the school year for SRC members, filled with activities, teamwork and opportunities. A way for student leaders to expand a range of skills whilst having fun at the same time.

Prior to the commencement of the conference, a training day gives everyone the opportunity to meet their fellow group members and begin to make new friends.

Upon arriving at SRC Conference, whether that be at school, or an alternative location, such as the City or La Trobe University, as visited in previous years, students break off into small allocated groups of people from all year levels, ready to take on any challenges they may be presented with. Each venue that SRC Conference is held at provides a unique experience for everyone as well as a wide range of facilities that students can use.

Throughout the three days of SRC Conference, student leaders undertake a wide variety of activities in their groups, from scavenger hunts to team-building exercises. On top of these group activities, everyone is provided with the opportunity to enhance a number of their leadership skills through participation in elective workshops, such as public speaking, event planning, sports and interview preparation. These activities and electives are all run by the Blue Shirts, who consist of teachers, past student leaders and Year 12 students. Teamwork, communication, creativity and problem-solving are just a few of the skills that student leaders build on during the conference, allowing them to become more confident leaders.

Not only does the SRC Conference allow student leaders to improve their leadership skills, but it is also an opportunity to begin planning the events run by the SRC for the following year. As student leaders, the SRC Conference at Montmorency Secondary College allows leadership skills to be broadened whilst getting to know new people and having fun all at the same time.

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