Joining clubs at school provides opportunities for students to develop skills, interests, and friendships outside the classroom and promotes a sense of belonging and community involvement. Montmorency Secondary College has a range of clubs available for students to join, including:

  • Interact Club: In the Interact Club (facilitated by Rotary Club), students engage in various community service projects and learn about leadership, teamwork and problem-solving, helping them to develop their interpersonal and organisational skills, as well as their empathy and understanding of different perspectives.


  • Monty Green Team: In the Monty Green Team, students learn about environmental issues and participate in initiatives that promote sustainability in the school and broader community. This club raises awareness and understanding of environmental issues and promotes a sense of responsibility and community involvement.


  • Recreational Mathematics: Students explore and enjoy the subject in a more relaxed and creative way, engaging in problem-solving, games and puzzles, including solving speed cubes and playing chess, helping them to develop their critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity as well as their passion for the subject of math.

And various other lunchtime groups such as Knitting Club, ‘Chat, Chill and Games’ for Year 7 students, Queer Straight Alliance and others based on student interest.