Leadership Development

Altitude Day

Altitude Day is an annual event created for Year 9 students across Australia. The purpose of this day is to empower Year 9 students as they are at a very important stage in their school journey and in their growth and development. The day consists of inspirational talks from guest speakers as well as energizing and social group activities that teach students to maintain and continue to become active and inspiring leaders of their school community and beyond!

Some of the speakers that we have had the pleasure of listening to are, Ben Pettingill, Hunter Johnson and Sarah Ireland. These speakers spoke about their stories and achievements and proved that if you have a will to do something, it can be achieved.

During Altitude Day, students are also given a small task book to complete, which includes self- setting goals, games and activities that allow new friends to be made across the region.

Altitude Day is a very enjoyable and motivational day that also provides a welcoming environment and an opportunity for students to step outside the classroom and understand what it means to be a leader. Regardless if they are a confident leader or quiet achiever, this day is a great experience for anyone and is highly recommended.