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  • Construction

  • OPENed May 16 2019

In the 2016-17 State Budget, $12.6 million was allocated to the school with a further $1.4 million allocated in the 2015-16 State Budget.

This funding will allow the school to undertake a modernisation project to bring the school's existing facilities into the 21st Century.

The planning and design focuses on providing much improved functionality with new Administration facilities and Arts Precinct.

Existing buildings on site will be transformed into modern learning and specialist facilities to allow the school to enhance their strong educational programs around Leadership, Arts, Materials Technology, Science and Physical Education. The Science area is being redeveloped internally, creating new science rooms, new Lab Technician spaces and new staff work areas.

The Technology space (wood, metal and textiles) will have the existing facilities modernised, including extra storage areas. The arts facilities will be brought into one precinct, and existing relocatable buildings are being removed to all for the extension of the arts building.

The library and resource centre and gym are being upgraded internally, along with the canteen and staff work spaces. A key feature of the project is the flow of students around the school, helping with functionality and safety as students move between classes.

Stadium Redevelopment

The project at Montmorency Secondary College will expand the current stadium from two courts to five courts and provide new facilities for use by the School, the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club, and the wider community.

The new stadium will be constructed next to the existing two court stadium at the school with a new forecourt between both buildings. The complex will include three courts, including a show court, staff and student change rooms, a kiosk, a court side training room, and offices and training rooms on the first floor. The existing carpark will be demolished as a new basement car park will be incorporated into the new build. The landscaping works will provide grassed areas, shade trees and seating.