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Montmorency Secondary College has a smart, distinctive, compulsory College uniform, which forms an important part of the overall MSC education. Wearing the College uniform correctly reflects the College values, and the pride and respect we have for our College and, more importantly, for ourselves. Students are expected to wear the correct College uniform


  • Jewellery should be unobtrusive and safe.
  • Make-up is not encouraged and, unless kept to a minimum, will need to be removed.
  • Only clear nail polish is acceptable; other colours will need to be removed.
  • Hair colour is limited to natural colours. Blue, green, purple or scarlet hair is not acceptable and will need to be removed.

The College allows students to wear either summer or winter uniform, depending on the weather. Uniform items from the two seasons should not be mixed (e.g. a student may not wear the summer dress, with winter black tights).

The Montmorency Secondary College uniform is to be worn as intended. It should be of appropriate size and length (as determined by the College) and in a good state of repair. Holes and tears should not be present. Shirts should not have buttons missing. Shoes should be cleaned. If you are in doubt about uniform requirements, please contact the College for advice.

  • Students representing the College in competition sport must wear the correct PE uniform or the specific sport uniform provided by the College.
  • Natural colour undergarments can be worn under the MSC short and long sleeve white shirt, however they should not be visible or protrude from under the shirt. 
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