In 2014, the College is introducing an iPad Program.  We have spent a great deal of time investigating a range of options and eventually settled on iPads.

In the first year this program will extend to Year 7 and Year 8 students. We expect the program to expand into Year 9 in 2015.

The current model iPad know as the iPad Air would be our preferred model of iPad for students to use. However, we are able to accomodate iPads from iPad 2s.If students have access to iPad 2s we will do our best to connect them to our network and attempt to choose "apps" that will also run on them.

We are unable to support Android or other tablet types. We have choosen iPads because of the wide range of Apps designed for education, ease of use and tight integration with the iTunes store. The iTunes store can be seen as a restrictive "eco-system" by some, but as an eco-system it is huge and tightly monitored for viruses or inappropriate content. We believe this to be valuable in a school environment.



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