A Myki Card is required to use the bus. Buses unload in Magpie Place, behind the pavilion, at Montmorency Oval.

Bus times are approximate. Buses depart from the College at 3:30 pm


Bus Route 1

  Bus Stop Location Mel Ref Pick Up (am) Drop Off (pm)
A Aqueduct Rd at st Helena Shops Bus Stop 11 G9 8:19 3:51
B Aqueduct Road and Dario Court 11 F8 8:20 3:50
C Aqueduct Road and Ezio Court 11E8 8:21 3:49
D Diamond Creek Rd opposite McLaughlans Lane 11 D7 8:24 3:46
E Plenty River Drive at Diamond Hills Reserve 11 C8 8:27 3:43
F Plenty River Drive and Punkerri Crescent  11 C9 8:28 3:42
G Civic Drive and Brentwick Drive 11 A10 8:30 3:40
H Diamond Creek Road and Greenhill Road 11 B10 8:33 3:37
I Diamond Creek Road Greensborough at Shell Garage 20 K1 8:36 3:34

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