School Buses

The Department of Education supplies a school bus service to enable students who live a considerable distance from the school, but within the local area, to get to and from school. Students are issued with MSC Bus Passes which entitles them to travel on a specified bus.

Students will need to have BOTH a school bus pass AND a current concession MET ticket (fortnightly, monthly, half-yearly or yearly).

An application for a bus pass is made during the first two weeks of the school year and during these weeks travel on the buses is available to students without a need for a bus pass. From the start of the third week of the school year, all students will need to display both a school bus pass and a current concession MET ticket in order to be permitted to board a school bus.

The number of buses and their routes is reviewed each year. The number of stops has to be limited so a bus which passes your door will not necessarily stop outside. The bus routes bring students to school from Apollo Parkways along Plenty River Drive, from North Greensborough down Diamond Creek Road, and from Progress Road (near Ryans Road in North Eltham) via Karingal Drive and Sherbourne Road. The students are dropped at the pavilion at Montmorency Oval at about 8.45 a.m. each morning. The buses leave on the return trip at 3.30 p.m.

Further details of any changes to these services will be forwarded to parents when they are available.

Bus Routes

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Public Buses

Students living in Doreen, Plenty and Yarramabat can catch the Dyson 520 Bus to Greensbourough Station.Students living in Apollo Parkways catch the Dyson 520 bus or Dyson 563 bus to Greensborough StationFrom there student can catch the National Bus Company 293 bus to a bus stop on Para Road just outside the school grounds.
Links: Bus 520, Bus 563, Bus 293

Public Trains

Students living close to the Hurstbridge Train line can travel to Montmorency station and then it is just a short walk to the College.


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