Montmorency Secondary College is a highly regarded school and as such is in high demand. The College has an enrolment ceiling and must offer all students living within our designated neighborhood boundary a place at the school.

Students seeking admission on specific curriculum grounds from outside the designated neighbourhood boundary are able to apply separately to the College. There are two categories available:

Leadership – Students who have demonstrated strong leadership qualities and wish to experience leadership opportunities through the highly regarded Student Leadership program offered at Montmorency Secondary College are able to apply under this category.

General Academic Excellence – Students who have demonstrated a strong academic background, and wish to immerse themselves in the unique Challenge Program offered at Montmorency Secondary College from Year 8, are able to apply under this category. The Challenge program provides curriculum enrichment and enhancement. All Students in both Years 7 & 8 will be eligible for entry into the Challenge program based on testing, teacher recommendations and work habits.

Applicants are required to complete the ‘Application for Consideration under Curriculum Grounds – Year 7, 2022’ form. The College strongly recommends the applicants include some, or all, of the following to support their application:

Copy of Grade 5 Reports

Copy of NAPLAN results (particularly if applying on the grounds of General Academic Excellence)

Reference/s (from community contacts, such as Sporting Coach, Scout Leader or Dance or Music Teacher etc.)

The College will review written applications and supporting documentation. Not all students will be interviewed. The interviews will be conducted by a senior member of Montmorency Secondary College staff.

(Please note that participation in this process does not guarantee you a place at Montmorency Secondary College, as places offered are subject to availability after all local students and siblings have been placed).

Parents must also complete the ‘Application for Year 7 Placement’ form, which is given to them by their child’s Primary School. This form is returned to the Primary School, not Montmorency Secondary College.

Applications close at 4pm on Friday 14th May 2021.Please return your application to –


Montmorency Secondary College Para Road

Montmorency VIC 3094



Download Application

For students who are currently attending a Catholic or Independent primary school.

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