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Due to COVID 19 all scheduled weekly tours of the College and the Open Night planned for 28th April 2020 have been cancelled 


Dear Families,


Thank you for your interest in Montmorency Secondary College. 


The College acknowledges the very important role schools need to play in both protecting the health of our community and in supporting broader efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. 


In these unprecedented times, the College has made the decision to cancel all tours for this semester and our upcoming Open Night on 28/4/20. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate that you still have important decisions to make. Many of the details you seek are available on the Montmorency Secondary College website. Additionally, we are able to post you an Information Pack.  Please phone or email the College to arrange for us to post you this pack.  Parents of prospective Year 7s in 2021 who have additional questions are welcome to contact Lisa Ball (by email at lisa.ball@education.vic.gov.au, or phone 9422 1604)




Allan Robinson


Montmorency Secondary College