A Message from the Principal Fran Ibbott

 I have a keen love and passion for education, and in particular, the Arts – and as a former Music student myself I offer a heartfelt welcome to Arts Alive, an online showcase of creative talent at Montmorency Secondary College and a little insider to the creative Monty community.

In education, artistic endeavors provide the opportunity to learn new techniques and artforms; and to practice and develop their skills.  This also contributes to the broad educational opportunities we are proud of here at Montmorency.

Arts practice provides important opportunities for students to not only be creative but to learn to think creatively. To learn new and different skills that develop ideas, imagination, creativity, teach critical thinking and collaborate with others. The future of education and the future of careers will require young people to think critically, creatively and to transform their knowledge into new contexts; and the arts provide these important opportunities to learn and practice these skills. 


 Traditionally Arts Alive would be celebrated on college grounds through our Music Performance Night and an Exhibition and Awards Night, however, this year it is in an online format.

Arts Alive is an online display where we celebrate both the performing arts and visual arts, media, design and technology from our students and our community. The presentation of works you will see are talented and diverse, which includes original performances, digital music, short films, sculptures, paintings, drawing, animations, photographs, food, metalwork and woodwork.

The magnificent range of participants include Montmorency students, staff, guardians and parents as well as some of our local primary school students. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions in making this event something very special and a reflection of not only our College Community, but our broader community. 

We invite you to explore and enjoy this wonderful collaboration of creativity.

Montmorency Student Finalists

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Montmorency Community Finalists

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Local Primary School Finalists

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