College Leadership Team 2023

Great schools are made of great people.  Montmorency Secondary College is proud to have a passionate and committed staff.

The staff are grouped into a range of teams for planning and management:

Frances Ibbott
Assistant Principal
Clara Di Biase
Assistant Principal
Mark Lohrey
Business Manager
Lisa Ball 
Year 7 Level and Transition Leader
Kieran McNair
-       Year 7 Level Co-ordinators
Simon Banks & Hamish Yule
Year 8 Level Leader
Stephanie Short
-       Year 8 Level Co-ordinators
Rachel Short, Anne Marie Gleeson
Year Level 9 Leader
Michelle Clark
-       Year 9 Level Co-ordinators
Andy Castles, Sarah Higgins
Year 10 Level Leader
Taylann Luckman
-       Year 10 Co-ordinators
Mary Curran, Caitlin Hoad
Year 11 Level Leader
Matthew Pickett
-       Year 11 Co-ordinator
Jason Simmons,Georgia Price
Year 12 Level Leader
Jessica Spiteri
-       Year 12 Co-ordinator
Jessica Foley, Joshua Perez
VCAL/VET Co-ordinator
Vicki Bucher
Leading Teacher – Learning & Teaching
Natalie Henry
Leading Teacher – English/Literacy
Caitlin Penrose
Leading Teacher – Maths/Numeracy
Shaska Martin
Leading Teacher – Student Leadership, Voice and Agency
Joshua Turner
Leading Teacher – Year 7 Level Leader/Transition
Kieran McNair
Leading Teacher – Year 8 Level Leader
Stephanie Short
Leading Teacher – Year 9 Level Leader
Michelle Clark
Leading Teacher – Year 10 Level Leader
Taylann Luckmann
Leading Teacher – Year 11 Level Leader
Matt Pickett
Leading Teacher – Year 12 Level Leader
Jessica Spiteri
Jason Mill – Semester 1
Claire Mooney – Semester 2
Briony Cossar & Peter McCoy
Andrea Augoustou
Mayumi Yokoe
Campbell Wilson
Campbell Wilson
Daily Organiser
Peter Lukas
Student Wellbeing Leader
Sue Muir
Student Wellbeing Leader and Social Worker
Luke Mitchell
School Social Worker
Jade O'Brien
School Nurse
Jo McNamara
School Nursing Program
Jessica Manzie
Mental Health Practitioner
Violet Awad