College Leadership Team 2022

Great schools are made of great people.  Montmorency Secondary College is proud to have a passionate and committed staff.

The staff are grouped into a range of teams for planning and management:

Frances Ibbott
Assistant Principal
Clara Di Biase
Assistant Principal
Mark Lohrey
Business Manager
Lisa Ball 
Year 7 Level and Transition Leader
Sonia Culcasi
-       Year 7 Level Co-ordinators
Simon Banks & Hamish Yule
Year 8 Level Leader
Michelle Clark
-       Year 8 Level Co-ordinators
Sarah Higgins & Freya Allen
Year Level 9 Leader
Joshua Perez
-       Year 9 Level Co-ordinators
Andy Castles, Hayley Davies
Year 10 Level Leader
Matthew Bennett
-       Year 10 Co-ordinators
Mary Curran, Georgia Price & Stephanie Short
Year 11 Level Leader
Matthew Pickett
-       Year 11 Co-ordinator
Jessica Foley & Jason Simmons
Year 12 Level Leader
Marjory Creta-Ireland
-       Year 12 Co-ordinator
Hayley Damiri
VCAL/VET Co-ordinator
Vicki Bucher
Leading Teacher – Learning & Teaching
Natalie Henry
Leading Teacher – English/Literacy
Caitlin Penrose
Leading Teacher – Maths/Numeracy
Shaska Martin
Leading Teacher – Student Engagement/Involvement
Kim Faulkner
Leading Teacher – Year 7 Level Leader/Transition
Sonia Culcasi
Leading Teacher – Year 8 Level Leader
Michelle Clark
Leading Teacher – Year 9 Level Leader
Krista Durham
Leading Teacher – Year 10 Level Leader
Matthew Bennett
Leading Teacher – Year 11 Level Leader
Matt Pickett
Leading Teacher – Year 12 Level Leader
Marjory Creta-Ireland
Jason Mill – Semester 1
Claire Mooney – Semester 2
Briony Cossar & Peter McCoy
Andrea Augoustou
Mayumi Yokoe
Campbell Wilson
Campbell Wilson
Daily Organiser
Peter Lukas
Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Sue Muir
Youth Worker
Luke Mitchell
Educational Psychologist
Peter Di Leo
College Nurse
Jo McNamara
School Nursing Program
Jessica Manzie
Mental Health Practitioner
Jennett Colyer & Kiira Gavralas